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Money is the reason that you are saying “no” to living life the way that you truly want to be.

But let me tell you, it doesn’t have to be that way... You can use intentional manifestation to create a life full of wealth, health & freedom.
→ You dream of having a life bigger, better & more abundant than the one you are living right now, but you just don't know HOW you could make that happen based on how things look for you right now.
→ You feel as though you need to make "smart decisions" & “be smart with your money” (aka completely restrict yourself) in order to pay off all your debt, save up all your money and THEN at that point finally be able to enjoy your life. 
→ You know that you are capable of creating a life full of joy, love & money, but you feel like there is an invisible force that is holding you back from fully manifesting that life that you want.
→ You deeply want to change your life & have the money, love, fulfillment, abundance, freedom, etc. that you desire, but deep down you doubt that you are capable of having it and/or you do not feel worthy of actually having all of those things.
→ You recognize that toxic patterns keep playing out in your life, & especially in your finances, that make it feel like positive change is impossible.
→ You believe that making money has to be hard work, so you work really fcking hard all the time & feel like there is no space to grow financially because that would require you to work EVEN harder than you are right now.
→ You watch other people living their best & most abundant lives and wonder why it seems like life is so easy/great for other people, but not for you…
→ You simply cannot bear the idea of staying where you are right now, & you hate the idea of waking up one day realizing you never truly went for it.

If any or multiple of those statements resonate with you… you are in the right place.

Let's be honest, where you are right now is not where you want to be...

Life has felt like an uphill battle for far too long & you are ready to create the change that you truly want to see in your life.

Well my friend, let me tell you, it is not a coincidence that you have found yourself here on this webpage. Your intuition & inner guidance system has led you here because there is an easier way to get what you truly want out of this life & to manifest the money that will support your living out your soul’s desires.

Because the reality is that the way our world has taught us to approach life & money is incredibly scarce, limiting & fear-based.

Society has taught us to have the mentality of “when I see it, then I’ll believe it”, which has left the majority of people in jobs that they hate, not making enough money to live the lives they truly want, in unfulfilling relationships, constantly putting themselves last, burning out & settling in almost every aspect of their lives.
 This way of thinking & approaching life just doesn’t work anymore, especially not for you, if you have found yourself here reading this…
This is why adopting tried & proven manifestation methods and practices can & will help you completely change your life forever.
Now… you may be thinking, “I have seen manifestation work for so many other people… but can it/will it work for me?”
The simple answer is, yes of course it will work for you.

Let me introduce you to The Abundant *AF* Babe Academy

The Abundant *AF* Babe Academy (also known as ABA), my signature online manifestation program that has been specially crafted to help you not only tap into the energy & frequency of money to manifest the wealth, fulfillment & freedom that you desire into your life, but also help you completely release all mental, emotional & energetic blockages that have been holding you back from easily manifesting what you desire into your life, so that you can operate from the space of authenticity & alignment with your truth from this point moving forward.
What I have found in 2 1/2 years of coaching & working with 200+ women, is that there are 4 core things that must be addressed to manifest money into your life with ease.
What are those core 4 things?

1.) The ability to release past stories & beliefs
2.) A willingness to heal your relationship with YOURSELF and with money
3.) The capability to embody & commit to a new life
4.) A sense of unwavering faith in yourself, The Universe & the path moving forward
So, I want you to ask yourself… out of these four things, what do you feel like you struggle with the most? What do you feel like you would need the most support with?
Because the reality is, we cannot change inside of ourselves what we are not willing to recognize. You MUST be willing to recognize what you want to change & what you need help with in order to fully release those things, get back into alignment with your heart-center & therefore naturally manifest more abundance and money into your life.
And I want you to know that you’re not alone…
I, myself, struggled with ALL of these things just 3 years ago, but through finding guidance from coaches & healers, I was able to fully release the past, heal my relationship with myself & with money, fully commit to & embody my Higher Self and build an unwavering sense of faith inside of myself, my path & The Universe.
But this isn’t just about me, this is about the 200+ women that I have had the honor of coaching & guiding through the mental, emotional & energetic blockages that they had, to now being a position of strength, power, truth, abundance, wealth, hope & faith inside of themselves & inside of their lives.
And that is exactly what I help the women inside of The Abundant *AF* Babe Academy do.
But don’t take my word for it… take theirs!

Sae manifested her dream career & a full life transformation

"I’ve manifested getting signed to a modeling agency in NYC, modeling for companies like Apple & Nike, hitting my first, $10K MONTH after never seeing more than $2k per month and so much more!"

From feeling like I was stuck in my life at a job I hated, to toxic relationships, situations, friendships, and feeling unworthy of any success and happiness, I’ve manifested the life of my dreams because of you, Kat.

Mar manifested $15K in her first 4 weeks of ABA

“My life has changed & been up-leveled in all aspects. I am forever grateful."

Just 4 weeks into ABA I manifested $15,000!! I have never had this much money sitting in my bank account. Kat's work & her coaching ACTUALLY works! She explains the Universal Laws in such an understandable way & makes manifestation simple. 

Regina has completely changed her life for the better, in all aspects

"I really owe it to Kat for opening my eyes & helping me realize my dreams."

Kat's teachings go far deeper than just manifesting money, she challenges you to release limiting beliefs & to let your inner QUEEN out because she knows that's where you'll find the best version of you. I feel lighter, more confident & excited about the opportunities she has helped me set up for myself. Simple put...she's inspiring.

Sara-Kate manifested a total of $46,000 & so much abundance

"ABA truly is life changing & Kat is just the most amazing person..."

With the help of ABA, I intentionally set out to clear a $9000 car loan debt – soon after I then received a $10,000 cash payment straight into my bank account. I set the intention to receive $10,000 in one month from random sources, I then received $5000 cash 3 days later. I manifested a $20,000 bonus payment from employment, another $9000 bonus income payment, $2000 to buy my dream pram for my baby, free coffee’s, free meals, holidays in Penthouses for ¼ of the price, the list is long!!! I am and will be forever grateful for Kat and forever look up to her for the person she is and how much she has helped me in my life.

Girl, you deserve a life that is so much bigger, better & more abundant than the one you have right now…

→ You are done settling for less than what you actually want & deserve.

→ Life is too damn short to spend another minute not living in alignment with your truth & purpose.

→ You are ready for money to be an overflowing constant in your life.

→ Now is your time, you’re done waiting for the “perfect time” to start because you know that later turns into never.

→ Things have to change & they have to change now… you’re done letting old patterns & cycles run the show because you’re ready to be the one in charge of your life.

→ You want better not only for yourself, but for your family… You know that changing your life for the better will be a ripple effect into their lives as well.

→ You know deep down that the life that you dream of having & your heart’s desires are what you are destined for.

If you said yes to any of these things, then 
The Abundant *AF* Babe Academy was made for you.

"Kat's coaching is absolutely life changing. If you're on the fence, do yourself a favor & jump in. 

Kat has shifted my perspective in so many different areas. It started all about manifesting money & turned into an entire healing journey for me that I didn't even know that I needed to be on. I can honestly say I have more clarity & self love than I ever have before.

Kat is the absolute real deal."

- Melissa

So let's breakdown what's inside of The Abundant *AF* Babe Academy...

After working closely with 200+ women, I have formulated a step by step plan to help you get from where you’re at right now, to the place that you want to be using intentional manifestation in as little as 90 days.

How do we do this? I help you do this by breaking down the 4 core things that I mentioned above, into bit sized pieces. Read on to learn my unique manifestation process…

The FIRST thing we focus on is identifying limiting beliefs & creating new ones.

This has a lot to do with rewiring the structure of your subconscious mind, because the subconscious mind is responsible for our belief system & we attract and manifest into our lives what we believe with absolute certainty. Whether you are aware of it or not, the subconscious mind makes up 95% of the human brain & is typically molded by our parents/primary caregivers/community/friends/media, etc. all between the ages of 0-7… Those beliefs that you learn from all of these different sources then end up manifesting what your reality is as an adult, until you make the decision to take an intentional look at what things you were taught that limit you, so that you are able to remove them & then implement new thought patterns & behaviors that will create new neural pathways in your subconscious mind.

Now, if you are saying “wtf does that mean?”, let me break it down real simple for you… essentially, what I want you to think about is if your mind was a garden, right now, your garden has a lot of weeds in it (weeds = limiting beliefs). Instead of walking around the garden & trimming down the weeds - which the majority of other manifestation methods/resources online will teach you to do with just simply telling you to meditate, think positively, be grateful & say your daily affirmations (which yes, works for a short amount of time because you are going to feel “better” briefly, but ultimately because the roots to those limiting beliefs are still there, the weeds will continue to grow back creating the same patterns & toxic cycles in your life), what we focus on inside of The Abundant *AF* Babe Academy, which is different from these other manifestation resources, is ACTUALLY getting to and eliminating the roots to these weeds. By eliminating these weeds from the root level, it allows you to create the space in the ground to then plant the seed of what you are wanting to be true for yourself & your life moving forward. Once this new seed is planted, then I give you the tools to tend to it & water it on a daily basis, so that a beautiful flower can grow in place of what once was a weed.

Unlikely other manifestation methods that work once, & then don’t work again… Or the methods that work & then crash and burn…. The Abundant *AF* Babe Academy’s approach to manifestation is long-lasting and sustainable, because we are essentially taking your psychology as it is right now & the energetic vibration you’ve been emitting out based off of the, mental, emotional & energetic blockages and limiting beliefs that you currently have and doing the healing work to elevate you into a greater & higher vibrational state, where your subconscious mind is rewired for abundance. Abundance becomes your new & natural state of being which allows you to more effortlessly manifest abundance into your life.

SECOND thing we focus on is healing your relationship with money…

This is where I have seen the biggest physical transformation in my life - going from $70K in debt & not making enough money to survive, to now being completely financially free and manifesting multiple 5-figures a month consistently… 

The coolest thing about this though, is not the fact that I’ve been able to do this, but the fact that I have coached over 300 women in the past 3 1/2 years, and they come from all different backgrounds. I’ve worked with teachers, servers, bartenders, stay at home moms, ladies in corporate, entrepreneurs, models, photographers, nurses… the list goes on! And after incorporating what I teach about money manifestation into their finances, they have been able to create the financial transformations that they have wanted to see for themselves. 

So, with that being said, EVERYTHING I know about money manifestation is poured into The Abundant *AF* Babe Academy, so YOU too can manifest the financial transformation that you are wanting to see in your life.

Through deep innerwork, EFT tapping, hypnosis, meditation & so much more we will clear your financial past.

In addition to this, the THIRD thing that we focus on inside of The Abundant *AF* Babe Academy is turning fear, judgment, failure & discomfort into fuel.

One of the most important things to understand when it comes to money manifestation is the fact that - money manifestation HARDLY EVER has anything to do with money, and actually has everything to do with your relationship to yourself, fear, judgment, failure, discomfort, relationships to others, the world, etc… This is actually the most foundational part of your relationship with money and because of that, we spend time diving into each of these areas of your life, so that we can eliminate the different mental, emotional & energetic blockages associated to them. Through doing this, you will peel back the layers that have been holding you back from being in full alignment with your heart center. This is important because when you act in alignment with your heart center, you emanate electro-magnetic energy out into the universe, which then, by The Universal Law of Attraction, will allow you to manifest back in bigger, better & more abundant things into your life just for being the version of yourself that you are at your core. Can you imagine how fucking amazing it would feel to not only be able to fully show up as the best, happiest, healthiest & most confident version of yourself, but also be rewarded by The Universe for it? I can tell you, it feels so damn good, and that is the reality of what awaits you when you choose to commit to this part of the process.

The FOURTH & final element of my unique manifestation process is to set you up for success to be the vibrational match for everything that you are wanting to manifest from this point moving forward...

As I am sure you are already aware of, manifestation is all about energy… and the goal of ABA is to help you become the master of your energy, so that you can take your vibration from wherever it is right now (and eliminate any of the things that have been holding it down) so that you can elevate it to the highest possible set point, so that yet again, you are calling in & manifesting bigger, better, and more abundant things into your life without constantly feeling like you’re having to work SO damn hard for it. Life shouldn’t feel like an uphill battle… by following the path that I’ve created for you inside of The Abundant *AF* Babe Academy, you will be able to step fully into a natural state of receptivity because you will have done the innerwork to clear out all of the underlying blockages that have been holding you back from receiving more abundance.
Phewwwww! That was a mouth full… If you are still with me after all that, 1) props to you lol sis that’s a lot of reading & 2) let’s keep going so I can tell you exactly how I break this all up & have structured this program!

Nina saw all of her manifestations come together...

“I have seen my manifestations come together like never before… A new position in a fantastic job, a dream apartment, my dream car, I am making more money than I’ve ever made & I’ve been able to start my own side business that allows me to work with spirituality as well. I have also manifested a way way from my old stories of pain, I have overcome the need for external satisfaction & validation. Kat gives you the tools to identify & rewrite all of your limitations in a way that is so accessible… I would recommend her course to anyone who is ready to get over their own bullsh*t. Invest in yourself it is the best decision you will make”

Shaunna changed her whole life in a matter of weeks...

““I didn’t know a lot about manifestation when I first met Kat, but my life felt stagnant. I felt like I spent my days either working or parenting & didn’t really have much hope or confidence that things were going to change for me. I started ABA & immediately things started to change. I’ve been able to get to the root of my limitations/issues & change them. Through ABA I was able to intentionally manifest my dream home. I would definitely recommend ABA to anyone who is ready to change their lives. It really does work & the innerwork that Kat provides will get you where you want to be… this isn’t just a 12-week program, this is a life program. I owe everything to Kat”

Evie still continues to manifest a life full of abundance to this day...

“On my manifestation & healing journey with Kat, I not only gained so much confidence, made so much growth in terms of my belief system, my spirituality & my manifestations, but I also manifested a LOT of things… I manifested my first $10K month (as a teacher), the car of my dreams, my first luxury vacation, & so much more. And now after my time of working with Kat, I still continue to manifest so much into my life. Learning from Kat is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. If you’re sitting on the fence thinking about it, it is completely worth the investment - if you are looking for a sign, here it is! Kat offers a one of a kind service that you will not find anywhere else.”

What are you waiting for? You owe it to yourself to live your best & most abundant life...

So how does this whole thing work? What do you get inside of ABA??

The Abundant *AF* Babe Academy is an online manifestation program that is broken down into 3 unique components...

ABA is a 10 week group program with weekly video modules, guided innerwork journals, action tasks, affirmations, meditations, hypnosis, EFT Tapping & more. A specially crafted 8-week online course paired with 10 weeks of group coaching calls on Zoom with Kat. Read below to get the full details!


Each week for 8 weeks, you are delivered “do-at-your-own-time-and-pace” video modules that are anywhere between 15-60 minutes long that go deep into detail on all things manifestation, The Universal Laws, rewiring the subconscious mind for abundance, releasing the past, working through different mental, emotional & energetic blockages, cultivating unwavering trust inside of yourself & the path moving forward… and so much more. ALL of this will help you create a rock-solid foundation inside of you, so that then on top of that manifesting money becomes a hell of a lot easier. Which then there will be all things money manifestation & how to continually uplevel inside of your life and manifestations from this point moving forward. Manifestation is a game of uplevels, so I give you all of my knowledge on how to continually ascend to greater & greater levels in your life & finances.
In addition to the video modules, there is a guided innerwork journal that has been specially crafted to correspond with each video - this is powerful to help you fully release internal blockages & fully integrate this work into your life. As well as specific action tasks & affirmations to designed to help you actually create the transformation that you are wanting to see in your life (and not leave you wonder “well how the f*ck do I actually make this whole manifestation thing happen?”


One of the biggest things that I felt like I lacked at the beginning of my manifestation journey was a community of other women who understood what it was like to be on a journey like this… now after having that community in my personal life, I know how important having that community truly is. That is why I have created this private support community with all of the other women from The Abundant *AF* Babe Academy. Not only will you have daily access to & support from me inside of this private support community, but you will also have the opportunity to build those connections & gain support from them. I know I am kinda biased, but I can genuinely say, the women who have been & are a part of the academy are hands down the coolest & most supportive women I have ever met. Anytime you have questions, concerns, wins, manifestations, etc. that you want to share with the group, you will be able to do so inside of this support community. 


Each week of the program we have a group coaching call that is hosted on Zoom. This is your opportunity to see me face to face & for us to work on whatever it is that you need support with inside the academy. We will sit there & work on whatever it is that is coming up for you until you feel 100% complete & are able to take the steps moving forward. These calls are also used to heal trauma, move energy & remove those weeds that I was mentioning earlier on...
The coolest part about this call is the fact that it is a group coaching call… Now why is that so cool? Because we cannot change inside of ourselves what we do not recognize, and with all of these other women coming to the table & sharing their different experiences, it’s almost like they give you the missing puzzle pieces that you did not even realize were missing to be able to plug back into yourself and take the necessary steps moving forward. SO much healing & progress is made on these calls, the other women play a massive role in your process.

“Kat has helped me bring to surface & work through lots of limiting beliefs, especially around money. I have manifested A LOT of money since working with her - a refund check, a SBA loan, thousands of dollars, & more. My awareness has expanded & I feel like a completely new person. If you’re considering investing in Kat, do it… she’s the real deal.”

- Regina

the results you'll get by taking action inside of ABA:


Learn how to fully implement & embody proven manifestation processes that will allow you to manifest all of your desires
Learn how to fully implement & embody proven manifestation processes that will allow you to manifest all of your desires


Cultivate unwavering self-love, confidence & trust within yourself

Cultivate unwavering self-love, confidence & trust within yourself



Understand how to tap into the energy & frequency of money so that you can call in the big bucks
Understand how to tap into the energy & frequency of money so that you can call in the big bucks


Gain clarity on how to live your life fully & leave behind any of the fears or doubts that have been holding you back

Gain clarity on how to live your life fully & leave behind any of the fears or doubts that have been holding you back



Eliminate limiting beliefs & internal blockages from their root cause
Eliminate limiting beliefs & internal blockages from their root cause

If you are still here reading this, I want you to ask yourself…

Why wait to change your life & your path forever with intentional manifestation starting today?

Why now?

Why is it important to you to change the current path that you're on & get the right guidance to help you?

And why not continue down the path that you’ve been on without me helping you every step of the way?

Seriously... take a moment & reflect on this. These questions are powerful in guiding you to understand why your intuition has lead you here to this webpage in the first place.

When I asked myself those questions just 3 years ago as I decided to go all in on my manifestation journey, the answer was obvious to me…
Why? Well, because things couldn’t go on the way that they were going any longer. Because I was no longer available for a life that I wasn’t thrilled with. Because time is the most valuable resource that we have, because it’s the only one that we cannot get back.
The world tries to convince us to only think with our logical & practical brain because what is “logical” & “practical” is safe, it is based on what is known from the past. But when you only depend on the logical & practical, you are essentially going to take the past & drag it into the present moment over and over again.
It is when & only when you can choose to listen to your inspiration, the little light of intuition inside of yourself, when you will be able to take off on the path of least resistance towards all of your manifestations. Your intuition is always trying to guide you down the best fitting path towards all of your manifestations & when you can give yourself permission to listen to your intuition that is when the universe rearranges itself to support you receiving whatever it is that you truly desire.
Your intuition led you here to The Abundant *AF* Babe Academy. You owe it to yourself to have, be & do everything that you’ve ever dreamed of…
So what are you waiting for? Hit that button below, your future life is awaiting you.

Samantha fully healed her relationship with money

"Prior to ABA I saw money as something that was restrictive, fear & anxiety inducing but now I see it as something freeing, & empowering..."

Joining ABA has been so transformational for me… Kat as a coach is just so supportive, she genuinely wants to see you succeed & she really believes in you… If you’re ready to invest in yourself & transform your relationship with money, consider joining ABA because if you let it, & you choose to prioritize yourself, it really can change your life.

Maddy went from living in scarcity to living in abundance

"If you have been thinking about working with Kat & manifesting money, I would highly do so. If you take the steps, you will absolutely get what you want out of it."

By working with Kat, we sorted out all of my issues & stress around money and were then able to grow my finances to an amazing spot… I am now so confident in my general life & finances, I am no longer stressed about money at all, which is amazing to say. I used to go to the grocery store & nearly put myself into an anxiety attack over spending money. Some things that I manifested since working with Kat are a brand new car, thousands of dollars, a new remote job opportunity, and I am now making more money than I ever have with my art business. 

Jam manifested massive financial uplevels

“I know you’re scared, I’ve been there, I’ve done that, but now the risk was so worth it. I know I would not have been able to be where I am today without Kat’s help.”

I took the big step & big risk of reaching out to Kat about her coaching program, I was pretty scared, not going to lie… I was so uncomfortable & scared, I didn’t understand why I would be spending money on a manifestation coach when I was already having issues with money but I set the intention to manifest $7K a month every month, I was skeptical because I had never made more than $4K a month… but 2 weeks after working with Kat, I got a random email from a job offer, I said yes to the job offer & I made $9K in the first month of working with this company & that is $5K more than I usually make. So if anyone is looking for a sign, take this as a sign to work with Kat.

Megan has completely transformed her life for the better in all aspects

“For the first time in my life, I have clarity & I owe it not only to myself but to Kat for guiding me & ABA for teaching me.”

Prior to joining ABA, I was at the darkest point of my life. All the walls around me were closing in & I felt like I couldn't keep running from my problems any longer. My whole life was in shambles. I found Kat's podcast, then joined ABA... I was all in from there and by week 3, my whole life changed forever. Kat has helped me to manifest a 17% increase in my pay and find the root of my constant health issues. If you're looking for a sign to join ABA, I could not be more in your face when i say... THIS IS IT! If you want to transform your life this is for you.

Is it finally your time to change your life forever with intentional manifestation? If so, click that button below & let's fucking do this thing!


I don’t have a business or commission based job, will manifesting money still work for me?
Yes it will work for you... You do NOT need a business of a commission-based job to manifest money (or anything else for that matter) into your life. I have worked with women from all different backgrounds - teachers, servers, bartenders, stay-at-home moms, ladies in corporate, entrepreneurs, models, photographers, nurses, etc. There is no specific career path you need to be on to manifest more money into your life. The most important thing throughout the manifestation process is to stay open to ways that money can & will manifest into your life, whether that be your current career path, something new, unexpected sources, etc... Staying open to how the money can/will manifest is something we talk about & focus on inside of ABA!
When are the group coaching calls?
For this round of The Abundant *AF* Babe Academy, the group calls will take place on Tuesday's at 1pm EST (12pm CST, 11am MST, 11am PST)
How much time should I put into this to get results?
I always say the more time you are willing to put into this, the better... it is your life & your vibration, therefore each individual results are going to be different to get themselves to a place where they have aligned their vibration with the energy & frequency of the things they are wanting to manifest. I have seen women manifest their results within days & I have been women manifest their results within months. There is no "one-size fits all" answer to this question. But, if I was to put an amount of time I suggest committing to the academy/the provided innerwork each week, I would say you must be willing to commit about 5-7 hours a week minimum to this academy if you are truly wanting to see results/transformation in your life.
What is your refund policy?
By agreeing to join The Abundant *AF* Babe Academy you are making the agreement that there is NO cancellation policy & NO refunds... why?? Because by making the decision to join ABA, you are committing to taking action and being dedicated to the process. The two most powerful energies that we have on a daily basis are the energies of decision & belief... So when you make the decision to invest in ABA & then back it with the belief that THIS is the thing that can/will guarantee that life will never look the way it has in the past again (anything that hasn't served you gets to be left at the door) and that everything that you desire to manifest is already conspiring to show up in your life through putting your time, energy & effort into this work: then that gets to be the reality. When programs have refund policies it allows you to have one foot in the door & one foot out - that kind of energy does NOT allow you to get the results that you want. If you have a refund policy at the back of your mind, that means you never fully committed to your decision & therefore are not shifting your vibration into alignment with receiving all your desires.
I know manifestation works for some people, but will this work for me?
Whether you are currently aware of it or not, EVERYONE is manifesting everything into their lives on a daily basis. Which means, you too my friend, are an incredible manifester... now it is your time to understand how to manifest intentionally instead of being unaware of this power inside of you. So yes, this will absolutely work for you & if you are concerned, please feel free to check out more testimonial videos that I have from past clients on my Instagram Highlight Reel - click here!
How much does The Abundant *AF* Babe Academy Cost?
The program is either a one time investment of $3000 USD, or there is the option of breaking it down into smaller payments with a payment plan. There are two payment plan options: $1111 USD/month for 3 months OR $850 USD/month for 4 months... *please note that with a payment plan option, the reoccurring monthly payment will automatically run on the date you initially signed up on each month, i.e. if you sign up on 1/11/23 then your following payments would automatically run on the 11th of the following months until your payment is completed.
What if I do not have the money to join The Abundant *AF* Babe Academy but really want to do this?
I am a firm believer in the saying "where there is a will, there is a way". If you want to join the academy but do not currently have the money sitting in your bank account to join, there are many ways to finance it whether that be through credit, PayPal credit, family or friends that want to help you, etc. Personally, when I hired my first manifestation coach & did not have the physical cash to do so, I put the investment on a credit card, but the choice is 110% up to you. 
Am I guaranteed to manifest everything that I want in 12 weeks?
There are zero guarantees in life & that also applies to this question. Results are based off of the time, energy & effort that one chooses to apply to ABA. And with that being said, ABA is also not a "quick-fix" or magic pill - this academy is not for anyone who has the mindset that this is a "get rich quick" strategy or is not wanting to continue to embody this work once the program is over. Everything you learn inside of ABA is intended to be a lifestyle shift & through committing to these beliefs/ideals/embodiments/etc. long term, you absolutely will manifest all of the things that you desire. Manifestation is not about IF your manifestation is going to show up, it is a matter of WHEN your manifestation is going to show up - but if it does not show up within 90 days, quitting on it & believing you're not capable of manifesting it is not going to help you get any closer to it.
How is The Abundant *AF* Babe Academy different than other manifestation programs?
The Abundant *AF* Babe Academy is different than other manifestation programs in many ways... three very distinct differences between ABA & any other manifestation program out there are: 

1) we do not only focus on mindset/beliefs, we also work on somatically healing your limiting beliefs & removing trauma from your physical body so that you are able to actually create the space inside of yourself to create a foundation of abundance in your life & vibration. 

2) you actually get to see me face to face each week on our live Zoom group coaching calls - this is something that hardly any manifestation programs offer these days & something I find so important to help you get the results that you want. 

3) I will not be teaching you any "manifestation methods" that you "have" to do in order to manifest what you want into your life. I believe that intentional manifestation should be taken from a holistic approach & is something that we do so very naturally. This isn't about just learning another journalling prompt or affirmation that will "magically" give you what you want - this is about becoming the embodiment of the highest & most authentic version of yourself because manifesting the money, house, car, career, etc. is a byproduct of that. 
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